The Journey is Ours

Dear Reading Friends, writing a book is definitely a journey in itself (not to mention publishing)! However, Lane Steen is a journey of a young woman who has been robbed of life’s most precious gifts…….the truth and love.
Take a journey with Lane as she pieces together her shattered world…..a journey shrouded by a dream…..a dream that leads from hatred and strife to hope, healing, and love.
Lane’s journey, in many ways, is our journey. We’ve all been lied to, betrayed, and hurt. We’ve struggled to overcome those stumbling blocks along the way. And many of us, with time and patience…..and a lot of help from the Good Lord….have risen victoriously!
May Lane’s story encourage and inspire you no matter where you are on the journey!

But then, ’tis past—the years are gone……

How can she let go of the past when she is forced to confront it?

Kidnapped by her father at two years old, Lane Steen never imagines she is
living a lie until a new schoolteacher, Edith Wallace, comes to Valley Creek.
Yet Edith is more than a schoolteacher. She is part of the past—a past hidden
in a mysterious dream that has haunted Lane since childhood.

At sixteen, Lane yearns to escape from her embittered father. Carefully, Edith
works to earn Lane’s friendship, but love and trust doesn’t come easy for a heart plagued by hate. But then, the truth shatters Lane’s world, sending her on a turbulent search into the past. Leaving Valley Creek behind, she reunites with a family she cannot remember—a family that surpasses her wildest dreams. A family that belongs to her.

Despite her newfound joy, her hatred for her father only deepens. Although she desires to experience the faith of her family, Lane can’t cast away one thing she holds closely: the hatred that helped her survive.

Digging into her father’s unbelievable past, she confronts the story behind her father’s ruin. Will she always be bound by hate?

Yet something even stronger binds her. Something stronger than her family,
something stronger than her will. She is bound to Valley Creek, the place of
her stormy childhood, the place of the man she loves, but more importantly,
the place of God’s calling. Ironically, she finds love, purpose, grace, and
forgiveness in a place she’d sought all her life to escape.

Lane Steen

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